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Be on the cutting edge of disruptive strategy and find out why you need it today.

Disruption defined

Learn what it truly means to be disruptive within your industry.
It's not what you think.

disruptive strategy

Incorporate the pillars of disruptive strategy into your current initiative and start creating the right conversations.

sustainable solutions

Agile framework and methodology to create adaptive solutions that drive the right questions.

Our strategy and why you need it.

It is without a doubt that companies and brands that are able to identify, plan, and adapt amongst a disruptive landscape are those that yield sustainable growth.  With that growth comes more opportunity and vulnerability to further disruption, but also drives the need for innovation to survive.  Innovation in the way they communicate, maintain cost leadership, limit barriers of entry into their market, and the solutions they provide.

When it all comes down to it, those who listen and adapt will survive, while those who don’t will have a single US location in Bend, Oregon to their name.  Within today’s landscape, it has become a necessary skillset to be able to build and execute a Disruptive Strategy in order to keep up with volatile consumer demands, a market that seemingly changes by day, and the technology that accompanies it.

Meet The Trainers

Our training coaches have a combined experience of 13 years training teams of over 1300 globally.  Our passion lies in knowledge transfer for sustainability rather than a perpetual training model. 

Michael D. Smith is our foremost expert on the fundamental principles of disruptive innovation and strategy and how it applies to business models. His passion for creativity with disruptive media has claimed several international awards.

Michelle Tegola is a business development coach and corporate trainer for companies looking to integrate disruptive marketing strategies. She has trained and coached teams of over 1300 people globally and has developed course curriculums that have proven success methods.

Michelle Tegola, Business Development Coach & Consultant
Michael D. Smith, Disruptive Strategy Expert and Author

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