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Our approach involves taking stock of where your company is at within our disruptive strategy scale and helping you implement it for ideal growth and sustainability.

The entrepreneurial journey is one of growth. Our coaching process involves facilitating our strategic processes to help you grow personally and professionally.  Incorporating our disruptive formula in a one on one setting to customize for your success.

Corporate Training

Understanding the concepts of disruptive innovation and how to apply it are the key factors in our training modules. We train your team to develop these strategies for continued sustainability within your industry sector.

Online Training

We offer unique, high-production value media, that is consumable for your employees and clients for training platforms within your company or internal online course modules. From video to platform to copy, we know what it takes to build it all.

Our Process is what sets us apart.

We offer several options in terms of marketing, however it’s how to put it all together is what creates optimal conversion for your business. 

We begin with taking stock of where you are now and where you need to be. We then take relevant market research and qualify, quantify and assess where you are in the current market timing. The strategy behind what we do is everything. We have developed through years of experience as well as adapting current theories on disruptive innovation, the DAVID method was born. We teach, consult and train on this method to facilitate growth, a different angle on thinking and realigning current marketing initiatives to project, analyze and develop a winning strategy. The media comes last. 

Identify Pain Points

Whether you’re a start-up or established business, we work with you to identify what you main issues are within your marketing initiatives. What’s been working and why and what hasn’t and why. We do the market research and come up with solutions. 


Our consulting process involves taking stock of where your product/service lands in the current market and what data proves to keep it there. Our zone of genius lies in helping you disrupt the market and stand out. In order to do that we have to ask the right questions, take the right angle on customer needs and behaviours and develop a game plan based on a data driven and disruptive/innovative strategy. 

Design a Plan

The best laid plans are the ones that have a multi-tiered approach to your goals based on market research and data, your own company’s mission and direction, timing and current trends. The plan includes all of the above as well as market testing, and real-time analytics. When you can adjust the plan in real-time things start moving faster.

The Media

When most companies think of incorporating media, they don’t think of the strategy that goes behind it.  The highest converting media is created not only with the highest quality equipment, but with the perfect strategy to back it’s conversion. Afterall, why else are we creating it? Our internationally awarded media production will get your customer’s attention and turn them into a true fan, a true follower and a loyal customer. 

Disruptive Strategy in a fast paced world.

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