Why so SOCIAL?

The top 3 reasons why having an online presence matters


of traffic driven by search engines.


of people expect brand to create content.


of marketers found that increased traffic occurred with as little as six hours per week invested in social media marketing

Let’s get social

The conventional marketing and advertising methods of utilizing expensive ads on the traditional mediums of television, radio, and print are dying fast. Their reach is limited to those who still subscribe to these platforms, the numbers of which are dwindling by the day with the rise of cord-cutters and digital mediums. Online platforms and marketing strategies reach far wider audiences. The best way to bolster this is through developing your company’s online presence.

98% of traffic is driven by search engines

Making your brand accessible to the masses:

Just having a website does not equate to better discoverability online, although it’s a start. To get people to find your website its all about building your online presence. This means digital ads, social media platforms, SEO and above all putting out more, quality, discoverable content. Not only will this greatly increase your discoverability but it means potential customers can come to you on their time, no matter when or where they might be searching for you. Increasing the access to find, research and engage with your brand online means you can greatly expand your audience base.

The fact of the matter is people are turning to online search engines now more than ever. If they can’t find your company online chances are they WILL find your competition.

84% of people expect brand to create content.

Builds customer trust

Thanks to all the resources available to audiences today, most people are privy to standard marketing tactics and know how to conduct thorough audits of the companies they are interested in. This vulnerability isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you are creating a positive online presence.  It helps potential clients and customers to create a sense of trust in your company as they can discover the answers to many of their questions themselves whether that be practical questions about hours, services and pricing, or questions regarding your company’s quality of work. Having a cohesive and impactful social presence online elevates the inherent perception of your brand’s quality. With access to so much media and content online today, the bar is set high for what customers expect and having an established and well maintained online presence helps your business to meet, if not exceed, this expectation.  

Having an online presence also allows you to build relationships with your customers by giving them a direct line of communication to the brand and allowing them to engage as they see fit.

81% of marketers found that increased traffic occurred with as little as six hours per week invested in social media marketing. (Jigsaw Recruitment)

More Efficient Marketing

The way your company appears online has a huge influence its ability to convert clicks to clients. Purchasing practises have drastically changed in the past 10 years. The majority of people “window shop” for products and services by doing online comparisons, and choose to shop through online platforms over physical stores. Your marketing needs to reflect this shift. It’s no longer enough to post a list of services and prices on a webpage and expect to gain interest. The content you put out that relates to what you do through videos, photography, bog posts and social media, is just as  to marketing your product as your promotional efforts. Marketing your own products online is far more cost effective and convertible than traditional advertising. The ‘shareability’ of social media content makes it far easier for your customers to spread the word to their followers, which ultimately results in authentic, invaluable advertising opportunities. 

In addition to the above, a social or online presence also allows you to 


Having an online presence is so important because it is the number 1 way to find and capture your target demographic, no matter what your business is. It allows you to build a following, turn those followers into buyers, and organically convert those buyers into brand ambassadors. That kind of brand equity is invaluable whether your looking to build your client list, find investors or maintain the authority of your already existing brand. 

Provide a better customer experience
Develop your brand voice and image
Showcase your products and services